Thursday, July 28, 2011

When is it time to put the laptop to bed?

A thumb brushes over the keypad while a finger clicks and  flicks through the multiple tabs of the favorite browser. Eyes burn and stare at the 15-inch screen. The gaze grows fuzzy as the eyelids droop and the head lolls.

Suddenly, the eyes fly open and the head bobs.

Is it time to set the laptop aside and go to sleep?

On my reading list: 
OnStar FMV Hits Best Buy; Ad Campaign To Support
New marketing campaign to sell On Star in Best Buy using prime time, cable, network and social media via a Facebook page.

Altimeter Group Is Growing Like A Weed | SiliconANGLE
Former journalist Tom Foremski has soft spot for consultants with a mission to educate corporate America about the value of listening and engaging with customers.

Savvy BTS shoppers using smartphones, social networks to score deals
Inflation-related concerns will prompt back-to-school shoppers to use tactics such as smartphone and social network use, to save money.

Craigs List
Everything under the sun...

What's your bedtime reading?