Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top ten posts depending on where you start the count

For a couple of years the navigation bar of 360 Convos touted, "Top Ten Posts." Blogger allowed an easier recap when they added a widget that calculates this automatically, and 360 Convos grabbed their widget and threw it in the sidebar. The addition occurred without concern that conflicting information now existed on the site--the original top ten and the ongoing top ten.

At the beginning of summer, concerted effort produced a list slated for the nav bar as an update, an update of the current year top ten, but other editorial decisions underway allowed the project to languish.

Conflicting information continued.

Let's have all three. On the navigation bar you'll find, "Original Top 10." On the sidebar you'll find "Top Posts for All Time." To take advantage of the information held in the queue, 360 Convos is now releasing the, until now, top 'secret' information from mid-year.

Top Ten between January 1, 2011 and June 1, 2011:
10. Social Media for Writers

 9.  Invite to Googlewave

 8.  How I use Twitter

 7.  How deep is your social community?

 6.  Should you throw your own goodbye party?

 5.  Top finalist in Pacific Northwest Social Media Awards

 4.  Unlocking better habits is like winding a watch

 3.  Angst Gallery: 360 Biz of the Month

 2.  The big boys and girls in social media and me
somewhere between 60 and 150

 1.  Bio
It occurs to me that the post on Googlewave is obsolete and the post that references Google+ has far surpassed it in pageviews. Time marches on whether we keep pace or not.

What's the favorite post on your blog?