Monday, August 1, 2011

Sprouter uproots and closes

10-03-11 UPDATE
Sprouter back in business, acquired by Postmedia Network Inc.

Founder and CEO of Sprouter, Sarah Prevette, announced in an email that Sprouter is to close August 2.

Launched in 2009, the site was created to help start-ups. In addition to the website, the Sprouter team delivered a weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs highlighting hot start-ups, founders and events. Two years later the company is folding.

Everyday, choices are made between love and money. According to the email announcing the closure, this appears to be one of them.

The unfortunate thing for all closing businesses is the outpouring of love that makes it difficult to believe that closing was inevitable. Sprouter is getting it's share of adoration on Twitter, as well as a few detractors online.

Here's what people are saying around the web:

"I never really gave Sprouter the time of day unfortunately. There are so many distractions in our world and social media simply adds to the chaos of running a business."
Stuart Crawford, Notes on MSP Marketing and Leadership.

"While a potentially attractive proposition to many entrepreneurs, it seems Sprouter simply could (not) make its service financially viable. The rise of Quora as a place to directly ask questions to successful entrepreneurs could also have been a factor."
Martin Bryant, European Editor, The Next Web

" has helped many entrepreneurs reaching what they want and need. Only its business model seems as cannot keep the journey on-going."
Evan Hugh, Business | Startups | Asia.

"The Twitter community seems to be both sad but also conflicted and wondering just why they never even attempted to monetize. There IS more to this story… we’re just not getting it right now. I imagine over time the real reasons will come out and it will all make more sense… for now though, we’re going to just have to theorize what the real answer could be."
Zach BusseyMy Rules. My Views. My life.

"We've covered Sprouter several times here at ReadWriteStart, recommending the Toronto-based startup as a great resource for entrepreneurs - as both a professional social network and, more recently, as a Q&A site. So it's sad to hear the news today that Sprouter will be closing its doors."
Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb.

"While Sprouter demonstrated that there is great demand for their online entrepreneur community, it looks ike (sic)  their business model doesn't justify keeping the lights on."
Rob LewisTechVibes.

"Looking back almost three years later I can say that joining Sarah on the journey that would become Sprouter (it started as RedWire for anyone who hasn’t been around for the full three years) was the best decision I’ve ever made ... If you’re interested in the reasons, head over to the Sprouter blog and read our final blog post.
Erin Bury, editor of Sprouter weekly newsletter, Erin Bury's Random Musings.

"Do's and Don'ts. Do Not place the FreshLife Sprouter on or near surfaces that can be damaged." Unrelated content.

Goodbye, Sprouter. We hope Sarah Prevette has a reason to toss her highlights and hat into the social media ring again.