Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Preductions.' the art of predicting the known

Predicting by deducting

Otherwise known as de-ducking all theories.

The ducks are lined up, so let's get to this week's preductions!

Dorothy Jo, Walgreen's employee of the year will ask, "Do you want a car-charge with that purchase?" Stores that offer fuel will jump on the electric band wagon: Walgreens to Install EV Charging Stations at 800 Stores by Leslie Guevarra.

Cross channel marketing will be like a Lays Potato Chip campaign, you can't eat just one. Shoppers will be encouraged to bundle their purchases, but fresh off the Groupon tide, they will shop for sport, hunting for low ticket items—or value packages—to fulfill pent up anxiety of not spending during bad economy: Holiday Forecast: Marketers Can Expect Cool Profits by Gavin O'Malley.

Advertising campaigns will be like a bad Hollywood remakes as marketers try to re-purpose (plagiarize) good ideas. Muhammad Ali Company Sues Kobo Over ‘Butterfly’ Slogan by Joel Rosenblatt. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” slogan apparently was used without permission in a Kobo ad. (Newspaper that ran ad is sending invoice out before end of day!)

Newspapers will give product away to try and regain audience: Murdoch May Offer Discounts to Win readers to Sunday Sun, by Amy Thomson.

360 Convos asks, "Why don't newspapers try to grow a paying audience by FIRST trying Groupon?"

Australian government to invest in taxing explanations that no one will understand. Gillard to Spend A$12 Million on Carbon Tax Ads, by Elisabeth Behrmann.

360 Convos asks the Australian government, "How about blogging the explanation, or better yet, no tax and save the $12 million."

Bloggers in Australia will rise in acceptance as their an online audience and reach grows during the anti-tax blogging campaign. "People looking for high quality copywriting is (sic) going to increase in the near future." Give Your Blog the Ring of Truth, by .

Love means you never have to say your sorry. Hacking means you do. (But it doesn't have to cost very much dough). Rupert Murdoch says 'sorry' in ad campaign, admits 'serious wrongdoing' over phone-hacking scandal and apologises in newspaper adverts, by John Plunkett.

360 Convos advises, "Make sure you mean it, once it goes to print you can't change it like a blog post."

Consumers stock up on stamps to register billing complaints as credit cards elbow out Groupon. Deals and discounts come pre-loaded on your credit card. Swipe at the register, pay full price, credit is applied to statement at time of billing. Where The Daily Deal Business Is Headed, by George Anderson. Back-end discounts are never pleasant for consumers.

Leave your own preductions in the comments area. Who knows, your brilliant wit may reappear in the next edition of "Preductions, how to dodge the silver bullet!