Wednesday, June 4, 2014

See you in the morning, I'll be next to the coffee

Tomorrow marks the third installment of KGW's Social Media and Digital Marketing event series. Each event has keyed in on best practices for businesses using social media.

As a data fiend, I am especially looking forward to tomorrow's metrics roll out, not that I think it will stop the naysayers who complain about social media in general and offer a litany of excuses of why they don't like it, why it is a waste of time and why they hate all the advertising in their Twitter stream, but because I do like social media. All parts of it. Including the advertising.

Don't confuse me with people who sell advertising — I used to think I did. Of late, I've come to the realization that I no longer sell advertising. I sell audience.

No one cares which website their desired target is on, they care about the person they want to reach. They think that I can only reach people who visit, but that is only a fraction of what I do.

With a myriad of tools that are available through our parent company Gannett, I can deliver audiences on just about any website you can think of, and about 100,000 websites you didn't know existed and through in a little search engine marketing to drive it home,.

In the meantime, drive over to KGW tomorrow and join us for a jam packed morning and a great cup of coffee.

Here's the scoop:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson Street, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

KGW Studio, 1501 SW Jefferson St, Portland OR 97201

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Frank Mungeam is a great presenter and he shares his summary, but not the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up with pen and paper. (See my card below for contact info).

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is our event hashtag. We're hoping to have a live stream so you can ask questions, so bring your smartphones and tweet away.

WIN a Kindle!

Our partner CenturyLink Business is sharing the love with a business card drawing for a Kindle. I want YOU to WIN, so remember your business card.

Here's mine. Contact me to set up a marketing consultation, or to get updates on the next eventcdoane (at) kgw (dot) com.

 I'd like to get feedback or ideas on my marketing