Sunday, December 19, 2010

Building that didn't last. People who did.

In 2008 we dug out a new building site in downtown Vancouver and created a four-story building.

Excitement, anticipation, anxiety and everything else that goes with adventure wove through the placing of each brick.

Here's a video of some of the people who shared the journey.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Social Media Spotlight on Thank You's

Awesome feedback on Social Media For Writers

At the end of all great projects is a moment in the sun to bask in the glow of accomplishment. That is the fancy way of saying I HAD A BLAST, and forget the sun, this feedback is like a rocket to the moon.

Thanks again to the full house at the gallery and the 700+ SlideShare viewers in the first two days of loading the presentation online. I'd like to capture your feedback because it made me feel good, and all of us should be encouraged to step forward and share our expertise with our community.

Group hug :-)

Dec 4: Thank you for presenting valuable social media education this evening.You have helped me so much! Kathryn

Dec 5: Great presentation at @Angst last night. You rock! Ron

Dec 5: Thank you, for the invite to hear Carol  Doane. I usually take many notes, but tonight I arrived with no paper, no pencil. Carol gave us a recipe for successful communication, didn't she?  WOW!! Will we receive an email with address,  links? Thank you again. - Kathryn

Dec 5: Thanks again for pitching in to do this – terrific job. Carolyn

Dec 7: Thanks for the links, Carol. Your presentation on Saturday was full of great information presented in a way that made it easy to receive. I appreciate your energy and your expertise. All Best, Deb

Dec 7: Thanks for the info!! bob

Dec 7: Thank you for sharing your expertise and for doing this for free! I enjoyed my time there and got a real good feel for the local writers and what they are all about. Thanks for your time, Jeff

Dec 7: Haven't made time to join Twitter, but feel embarrassed that you thanked me before I'd thanked you! So I sent an e-mail to you, but it was rejected. So now I'm trying this--through your Blog. I know you'd prefer a Tweet, but haven't jumped in yet, and really want you to know how much I appreciated your talk! So this is the tweet I'd like to send: To Classic Carol: I am very grateful for your fun, comprehensive, inspiring intro to Social Media for Writers last Saturday in Vancouver. The friend I brought actually has a media project to work on and is very excited. Wow. Amazing. THANK YOU for sharing your time & know-how. Gratefully, Karla Joy

Then to top off the good vibes, I received the above message from SlideShare: Congrats! Your presentation 'Social Media for Writers' is showcased on the 'How-to & DIY' page on SlideShare.

I am now enjoying my 16-20 hours of 'fame' which is suggested on slide 60 of the presentation as noted below.
Social Media for Writers
View more presentations from Carol Doane.

It did not go unnoticed that all the hoopla gave me another fan on my Facebook page. Thanks, Annie.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Social Media for Writers Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended the Vancouver Writer's Mixer at our temporary digs at Angst Gallery while Cover to Cover Books puts itself back together after the smoke and water damage from the fire next door. As promised, here's the presentation I shared with the group. I'm looking forward to your feedback on what you try that works. It was amazing, even to me, when author Ron Gompertz announced book sales of No Roads Lead to Rome increased by almost 30% when he tried just one of these ideas.

Of course, I have to thank Melanie Sherman for being my co-conspirator in testing many of these concepts. Her blog Meanderings of Melanie Sherman is an excellent example of how dull, everyday events can be morphed into laugh out loud experiences. Melanie's perspective on life and work should be required reading for all wannabe authors.

Thanks also to Bill Cameron for sharing his experience on Twitter. I can't wait to meet your agent, Janet Reid, and truly explain how I put you in the street. I anticipate it will be a memorable moment . . . for both of us.

To Carolyn J. Rose, thank you so much for your support, for the delicious dinners where we discussed (bragged about) these ideas and for letting me use you as a guinea pig.

And, Mel, thanks for pretending like you knew me, when I pretended to know you!

Topics I covered included: using Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Flock, Friend or Follow, Goodbye Buddy, FriendFeed, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Profile, Guerrilla-Media, Hootsuite, Like button, Plancast, Gist and lots of other fun stuff.

Let me know what you accomplish.

Best wishes, everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Social Media for Authors

Vancouver Writer's Mixer
Social Media for Authors
Saturday, December 4
5-6:30 pm
Featured Speaker: Carol Doane

Saturday Carol Doane speaks to the Vancouver Writer's Mixer. She's got the internet wired for fun, for feedback and success! She's the doyenne of Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and many other virtual publicity websites.

Carol will be demonstrating the basics of navigating these treacherous technical waters. Find out why you should dabble, even just a little, on-line. By the time we're finished, you'll be amazed and eager to get out there and start networking!  It's so easy, even Smedley the bookstore cat tweets. Carol will touch on hot social media topics such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube, Plancast and blogging.

Learn quick tips, easy to use shortcuts and what to do if you hate the idea of marketing yourself.

Carol was a top finalist in the 2010 SoMe Awards (Social Media Awards of the Pacific Northwest) for her volunteer campaign for the Southwest Washington Blood Program. Winning campaigns awarded to Air New Zealand, Travelocity, PAX East, Mio Gelato, Portland Fit, Hotel Max, Mio Gelato.

She is also a published writer (chapter in Laughing Nine to Five: The Quest for Humor in the Workplace) and she has two completed fiction manuscripts now in the hands of literary agents on both coasts.

Many, many thanks to Angst Gallery owner Leah Jackson for allowing Cover to Cover Books to hold their monthly mixer in the gallery. The bookstore remains closed due to smoke damage until renovations can be completed. Cover to Cover is taking special orders via email:

If you want to chat with Carol after the event we'll be taking over the couch in Niche Wine & Art next door.