Sunday, September 11, 2011

Analytics chalks one up for motivation

Sundays, 360 Convos is reviewing our conversations. This snapshot goes back approximately four weeks and looks at how the posts did for a two week period.*

Photo Andrea Booher, FEMA Public Domain.
But before we do. Let's take a brief moment to acknowledge that the reason why we are able to review seemingly trivial matters is because we have been given the gift of citizenship, either by birth or adoption that allows us to live each day as our own. To change the course of our life because of the choices offered to us. Seize the opportunity.

The week of August 7, the post with the most pageviews was Words motivate and keep us engaged, lessons from #wwcon11.

This piece was a recap of the Willamette Writer Conference. During the event I met former CNN journalist, Porter Anderson. He let me tie my audio recorder into his laptop for power. He simultaneously found me on Twitter, retweeted my #wwcon11 post, and we've been tweeting friends ever since. He also emailed a link of the post out to about conference attendees (800) which boosted the numbers.

The Chalk it up story about Umpqua Bank's partnership with Chalk the Walks, a full sprint at sidewalk graffiti, took second place. Most of the pageviews came from Umpqua Bank, and that is fine. I'm a fan. They support local businesses including sponsoring a bi-monthly networking event, The Breakfast Club.

They love animals. Outside the downtown Vancouver branch they keep a water dish full for pooches that frequent Esther Short Park.

Umpqua Bank loves people. On rainy days anyone (customer or not) can borrow an umbrella.

Yes, all the umbrellas are returned.


Sunday City shares good ideas (mine)
Monday Words motivate and keep us engaged, lessons from #wwcon11
Tuesday Top ten posts depending on where you start the count
Wednesday Educate a girl, change the world
Thursday Chalk the walk and chalk it up to more good Umpqua Bank id
Friday Fav quotes of the week and maybe too much coffee
Saturday Would you like to clean up your desk, or would you like me to?

*Source: Google Analytics.