Sunday, September 18, 2011

Analytics reveals stranglehold of email: it's hell

Sundays, 360 Convos reviews our conversations. It’s a 360 snapshot that looks back approximately four weeks and captures how the posts did for a two week period.*

The week of August 14, the post with the most pageviews was Email hell, struggling with the inbox. This piece talked about letting go of the stranglehold of email.

Giving up email for one day has its upside and downside. The post recommended not taking on everyone else's problems, but prioritizing your own tasks, and taking action before opening up the inbox.

The post did not disclose the hell that that one day created for me with the backlog of unanswered email.

I continue to search for the answer, the quick fix, the nirvana of email dominance.

I continue.

Second place post addressed negotiating without arguing.

Try that for one day.

Sunday The times that define us and the media we use to survive them
Monday New psychology of negotiating: never argue
Tuesday Take charge and take five
Wednesday Email hell, struggling with the inbox
Thursday Animals in the backyard, which one would you choose?
Friday Fav quotes of the week and maybe too much coffee
Saturday Would you like to clean up your desk, or would you like me to?

*Source: Google Analytics.