Friday, September 30, 2011

Fav quotes and nosey, old men

Thumbs up from the guy spying on my work at the coffeeshop
Sunday last week, I enjoyed the company of many Starbucks' customers and one that enjoyed everything on my laptop.
Here's the rest of the week's favorite quotes. Enjoy!

Found Quote
Sep 23
“Jury duty today. So far... zzzzzz.” Anonymous (I don't rat on my friends)
Sep 24
“The thing is, you don't actually NEED to know how to crochet. You NEED to know how to drift, escape handcuffs, and swordfight.” Bill Cameron.
Sep 25
“The Gentleman next to me at coffee shop is snooping on my screen. I am especially interesting to nosey, old men.” Carol Doane
Sep 26
“HAPPY B-Day, kiddo.” Mom of a great kid :-)
Sep 27
“Don't copy your competition because they are probably doing it wrong.” Jimmy Mackin, on the worst mistakes you can make on Facebook.
Wed, Sep 28 “I know I'm a little late to the game but I've become a fan of The Big Bang Theory.” Karen Kuzmack.
Thur, Sep 29 “Arrrrr. 'Twas a successful catarrrract surgery. It'll be sad to lose the eyepatch, though.” Steve Woodward.