Friday, September 2, 2011

Fav quotes and a newspaper that serves lunch

Winnipeg News Cafe
Conversations, lively banter and laughter happen all around us. Most don't make the newspaper. That may change. A Winnipeg newspaper pushed their reporters out of the news room and into a cafe.

I'm not sure the newspaper staff is making sandwiches yet, but they're making headlines: Chats don’t have to be online: A newspaper finds success with its downtown news cafe

BUT here's my favorite quotes of the week!

Aug 26
Twitter “I successfully completed the unofficial first leg of #hoodtocoast in which i caught my bus and boarded with all my stuff!” Becca Pollard.
Aug 27
Twitter “...Blog @360Convos rocketed into the international scene with a featured post on @Renbor |,” Tibor Shanto, speaker, author and top sales trainer.
Aug 28
Twitter “Now updating my LinkedIn bio to include the words "award-winning pie-maker." Yup.” @mediaChick, M. Rae Anderson.
Mon, Aug 29LinkedIN“Don't wait for someone to promote you. Promote yourself.” Ken Bilderback
Aug 30
Twitter“Currently installing a Bootcamp partition on my Mac Pro at work. It's necessary, but I still can't help feeling a little dirty.” Gus Torres, dirty Mac user.
Wed, Aug 31 Foursquare “Oh Drupal you vex me today! #fb (@ Multnomah Library Administration)” @pattipdx.
Thur, Sep 1 Twitter “I'd like to be deported to Paris please. Or maybe New Zealand.” Bill Cameron, NW author and humorist.

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