Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mid-year editorial calendar

Old fashioned way to keep a calendar, now we Google it.
In July, I went on record as posting my editorial calendar. No longer a hodge-podge, grab bag of blog posts, 360 Convos was officially a calendar referenced mish-mash.

It was an ad hoc affair, everytime I read something of interest, instead of posting it to Twitter, I threw the link in my Google Calendar as an event, forgot about it until it was time to write a post.

Thus began my adventure to post everyday.

On the pre-eve of October, I thought I'd draw attention to this successful strategy to keep the blog tumbling along. I've taken on assignments as eagerly as I've handed them out. I've detoured assignments when something better came along. I let my other blog on writing and life languish to really gear up 360 Convos. The results? I wrote about that, too, albeit a tad tongue in cheek in, How blogging for 30 days led to international acclaim.

So, now it's time for a few heartfelt thank-you's.

Cheers, to everyone who has successfully blogged more than 30 days consecutively.

Cheers, to everyone who has experimented with more than one blog.

Cheers, to everyone who reads blogs.

But especially, cheers to everyone who stops and takes the time to write a comment.

That's the real payoff for a blogger.