Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How many times should you tweet a blog post?

Twitter is a revolving door of social experiments
One of the things that blogging daily has created is a heightened interest in analytics. I have a couple of different measures on the blog, so I can get a good feel for what is happening with the 360 Convos audience. I've also done a little experimenting to see what combination, for instance of tweets, seems to work best in announcing a new post and building an audience.

Mark Suster wrote about how many times the experts were tweeting after he sat on a panel with Guy Kawasaki. His post, Both Sides of the Table, reports that Kawasaki tweets a blog post four times.

Up until a few months ago, I'd been tweeting a link twice—as soon as I post, and then letting the automatic feed release it a second time.

More recently, I began to notice that I personally didn't pay attention to others who tweeted only once and disappeared. As I flipped through my stream it wasn't enough to make me pause. I did, however, notice when the same avatar showed up in my stream in a clump, meaning the person was tweeting several things in a row.

Currently, I follow about 1000 people on Twitter and have that and about a third more following me as @TheClassicCarol. My experience shows that tweeting a blog post just once has a low affect on drawing a reading audience.

Not everyone sees every tweet. Not everyone is on Twitter all the time, therefore you need to send info out at different times during the day.

That's more anecdotal than research, but it gave me a place to start, and I began tweeting in groups of three. Not always the same blogpost, but three things from the blog.

Was this smart? Let's look at what 9,000 other bloggers are doing.

Problogger has been running a poll since May 19, 2010. Their results from over 9,000 respondents show:
26% never tweet their blog post
33% tweet their blog post once
40% tweet their blog post two times or more times

Of the 40%, the highest portion of that comes from those who tweet a blog post five or more times. That puts them in the Kawasaki category.

The 360 Convos experience shows that three will generate a higher response to the blog than a one-time shot. It has created more conversation and retweets from followers which has had a positive effect on my KLOUT score. I noticed an increase of over 10 points.

Has the multiple tweets annoyed the audience? I've seen no visible difference in the unfollow rate. The outcome I do see follows a standard principal in marketing, you need to send the message out more than once, or as I like to say, "one ad does not a campaign make."

When has a tweet series produced a measurable outcome for you?