Saturday, November 22, 2014

Top 5 ways to keep your computer and identity safe during the holidays

Don't click on links in emails. Go directly to the website to check on orders.
Traditionally, phishing and malware attacks rise during the holiday season as online impersonators try to trick shoppers users into installing malware or providing personal information.

Before the holiday season starts, take some time to learn tips to make your online experience safe and insure a smooth celebration.

1. Don't click on emailed order confirmations or shipping links

This time of year, scammers take advantage of increased online buying and the corresponding package deliveries. They use fake order information and shipping notifications as a method to infect PCs and grab personal details. These fake notifications often look very close to the real version. When in doubt, don't click directly on order confirmations or shipping links within the email. Go directly to the retailer’s or shipper’s website by typing the address into a web browser to verify order and shipping information.

2. Don't respond to password requests, even from your bank

Your financial institution will never e-mail you asking for your password or any other information. Emails requesting that you use an embedded link are an attempt to scam you into surrendering private information for identity theft or other unauthorized purposes. Legitimate organizations should never request sensitive information in this manner. Instead of clicking on a link, type the legitimate URL to your financial institutions in your browser to access the web site.

3. Unless 100% certain of the source, never open attachments

When the sender is known and the attachment is in doubt, contact the sender directly and verify the legitimacy of the attachment.

4. Nice sentiment, but don't open online greeting cards

Each holiday, you can expect a flood of e-greeting cards from friends and family wishing you a happy holiday. While seemingly harmless, these holiday greetings can be dangerous. They may contain harmful viruses or may be used for identity theft. E-greeting cards are best not to be opened, and especially should not be opened using a work computer.

5. Carefully review all email, delete any suspicious ones

If the email is suspicious, do not click on any web link or open any attachment.

Two possible ways to evaluate emails are:
  • Move your mouse over a link without clicking it; you can often see the actual destination URL address underlying that link. If the now visible URL doesn’t look like an address that belongs to the legitimate site, be extra careful. If it appears to be legitimate, still be careful, the hackers are getting creative in this area as well. Instead, go directly to the website you know.
  • Often times, but not all the time, the “To” list of the email has multiple names that do not make sense for the subject matter. Delete these emails.


6. Safe Computing Tips for the office

In the workplace, you are the first line of defense and the best defense. Be skeptical of work and personal email that you’re not expecting and that is from unknown sources or just looks suspicious. When in doubt, contact your local help desk to verify any suspicious emails.

What tips do you have?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some decisions are easy

Sign on the way to Mellisoni Vineyards, Chelan Washington.

Some decisions are easy.

Some are not.

What's been keep you up at night?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's talk Facebook and share a cup of coffee

Tomorrow's "When to boost Facebook posts," marks the fourth event in KGW's Social Media and Digital Marketing series. Each event features a specific business interest for those who use social media as part of their outreach efforts.

As a social media fiend, I am especially looking forward to tomorrow's event with Krys VanSlyke. He's the Senior Manager of Social Media for G/O Digital, a division of Gannett – KGW's parent company.

Senior Manager of Social Krys VanSlyke
I sat down with VanSlyke this morning to glean some insight on how his team in Phoenix is using Facebook. It's pretty fascinating what they can accomplish with a target and the right budget. Doesn't have to be large, it just has to be enough.

Their work runs the gamut of one-man shops to national corporations. Each company has it's own goal, VanSlyke's team creates the strategy, creates the ads, does the testing, optimizing and resetting to figure out how to hit those goals.

Most of the tools G/O Digital uses are readily available to anyone who wants to run an ad campaign on Facebook.Should you do it on your own? Sure. If you want to practice guesswork and ride the slow train.

Or you can take the fast track. VanSlyke says his team knows what questions to ask to get the campaign focused on the right targets and G/O's proprietary tools allow them to do more testing, do the testing faster, and build on areas creating success.

And VanSlyke emphasizes team.  "If someone gets stuck they're not alone."

So, if you're in the neighborhood tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., drop in for a jam packed morning of Facebook advice and a great cup of coffee.

Here's the scoop:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson Street, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

KGW Studio, 1501 SW Jefferson St, Portland OR 97201

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Our presenters share their summaries, but don't dish out the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up with pen and paper.

Bring a business card

The sponsor CenturyLink Business usually brings some bling so remember your business card in case there is a drawing or someone you want to connect with later.

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is the event hashtag. We're hoping to have a live stream so you can ask questions, so bring your smartphones and tweet away.

Contact me to set up a marketing consultation, to get updates on the next event, or to grab a cup of coffee: cdoane (at) kgw (dot) com.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coping with a son's mental illness propels Pamela Deane's career

In any given year, an estimated 22.1% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. That means that one out of every five people you work with may be suffering with an illness that you cannot see, that you may experience as you interact with them, and an illness that may or may not be curable.

Pamela Deane, author of The Translation of Max.
Author Pamela Deane had that experience not at work, but in her home.

While raising two sons as a single mom, her eldest was diagnosed with schizophrenia mid-way through his high school journey.

Throughout the turmoil of discovering it wasn’t a teenager experimenting with drugs or alcohol, juggling an unpredictable home life which spilled out and created chaos throughout her day teaching high school English, Deane managed to survive. She managed to raise both sons to adulthood. She managed to maintain classroom order and keep her teaching job, but most importantly she secured resources for her firstborn to improve his quality of life.

While not autobiographical, Pamela Deane’s book, The Translation of Max, introduces us to Maggie whose experience mirrors Deane’s own.

The book will inspire you to celebrate Maggie and the steadfast way she pursues the quest to help her son, the heartache she feels as she understands the limbo her younger son vacillates in when Maggie's life is drained of energy, time and money, and the honest way she admits when she is too tired to do it all.

The Translation of Max is sprinkled with nuggets of humor which allows the reader to chuckle and take a breath before the onslaught of ordeals that escalate one after the other. It will keep you reading until the end.

Meet Author Pamela Deane

Friday, August 22, 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
The Breakfast Club
Umpqua Bank
720 Esther St
Vancouver WA 98660

After retiring from teaching Pamela Deane launched her writing career. The Translation of Max is her second book and is recommended for anyone facing a family crisis. It is available on Amazon.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

When to boost Facebook posts (event!)

Don't touch that boost button, yet!

Anyone managing a Facebook presence can tell you that organic page reach has been dropping every quarter. If you've tried all your engagement and viral tricks, and are thinking about putting some money behind your efforts, DON'T CLICK THAT BOOST BUTTON, yet

In this seminar, Krys VanSlyke the Senior Manager of Social Media for G/O Digital (division of Gannett), will share how his staff approaches social spend and divulge multiple Facebook tips, including:
  • Why the "Boost Button" may not be a smart way to spend your money
  • How to set expectations and build budgets
  • Which ad types are best for your objectives
  • How to use Facebook targeting capabilities

Tuesday, August 19

8:00 am- 9:30 am

KGW8 Studio
1501 SW Jefferson St
Portland, OR 97201

Sponsored by:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

See you in the morning, I'll be next to the coffee

Tomorrow marks the third installment of KGW's Social Media and Digital Marketing event series. Each event has keyed in on best practices for businesses using social media.

As a data fiend, I am especially looking forward to tomorrow's metrics roll out, not that I think it will stop the naysayers who complain about social media in general and offer a litany of excuses of why they don't like it, why it is a waste of time and why they hate all the advertising in their Twitter stream, but because I do like social media. All parts of it. Including the advertising.

Don't confuse me with people who sell advertising — I used to think I did. Of late, I've come to the realization that I no longer sell advertising. I sell audience.

No one cares which website their desired target is on, they care about the person they want to reach. They think that I can only reach people who visit, but that is only a fraction of what I do.

With a myriad of tools that are available through our parent company Gannett, I can deliver audiences on just about any website you can think of, and about 100,000 websites you didn't know existed and through in a little search engine marketing to drive it home,.

In the meantime, drive over to KGW tomorrow and join us for a jam packed morning and a great cup of coffee.

Here's the scoop:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson Street, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

KGW Studio, 1501 SW Jefferson St, Portland OR 97201

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Frank Mungeam is a great presenter and he shares his summary, but not the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up with pen and paper. (See my card below for contact info).

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is our event hashtag. We're hoping to have a live stream so you can ask questions, so bring your smartphones and tweet away.

WIN a Kindle!

Our partner CenturyLink Business is sharing the love with a business card drawing for a Kindle. I want YOU to WIN, so remember your business card.

Here's mine. Contact me to set up a marketing consultation, or to get updates on the next eventcdoane (at) kgw (dot) com.

 I'd like to get feedback or ideas on my marketing

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Portland job fair April 8

For job seekers in the Portland area connect with CenturyLink at their April 8 Job Fair.
CenturyLink Job Fair
Tuesday, April 8, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
310 SW Park Ave, Portland OR

Centurylink is now hiring for experienced Telecom Sales Professionals in our Portland office. We strive to strengthen businesses and connect communities by delivering advanced technologies and solutions along with honest and personal service.

Join CenturyLink's Portland Hiring Event, Tuesday April 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 310 SW Park Avenue. Be sure to have a copy of your resume when you come. CenturyLink offers attractive pay and benefits in a team environment with incredible earning potential based on sales performance.

Connect with the great people at CenturyLink at our Portland Hiring Event, Tuesday April 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 310 SW Park Avenue.

For details and to apply, go to

CenturyLink is an equal opportunity employer

CenturyLink Job Fair
Tuesday, April 8, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
310 SW Park Ave
Portland OR

CenturyLink Jobs: APPLY

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What keeps Portland weird? A #happyday dance

Pharrell Williams an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician partnered with the United Nations (UN) Foundation on the International Day of Happiness. It's a feel good moment to encourage a happier, healthier world by donating to support the UN's humanitarian efforts.

The event launched last year, but is gathering momentum in year two with the addition of Williams' support.

As part of today's celebration, people were encouraged to take creative license and post a video to YouTube demonstrating their happiness against the background of Pharrell Williams' top-selling song “Happy.” Participating videos were registered and submitted to the website:

Once on the 24 Hours of Happiness site, visitors are encouraged to make a donation to the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). The Fund was established to help the UN and its partners provide fast and reliable humanitarian assistance that directly supports critical aid operations for people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts.

At noon, in time zones across the planet, will spotlight Pharrell Williams' top picks out of the massive list of submissions.

To promote the event and their own videos, producers, participants and friends are sharing their work across the web using the hashtag #HappyDay.

Expect to see #HappyDay a lot today, leading to videos spotlighting people acting happy, which means big smiles and jiggling all over the screen, i.e., goofy.

In our local area KGW Media Group produced this video showing news anchor Joe Donlon breakdancing as Tracy Barry cheers, Brenda Braxton showing us some very cool moves, Nick Allard photo bombing a very hip looking Russ LewisStephanie Stricklen leading the crew at the KGW Square, Laurel Porter dancing down the hall and Drew Carney showing her how it should be done in his typical little-boy-joy mode only to be challenged in the goofball department by Matt Zaffino and his gold tie. Cameos by lesser known folks in the advertising department are interspersed with people on the street demonstrating what keeps Portland Portland, i.e., weird. 

Me? I'm #kgwhappy today.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Smashing digital marketing events continue at KGW

Frank Mungeam addresses a Portland, Oreg. audience on developing engaging social media content.
The simplest, most basic information can be the most compelling. People want to know stuff. They want to know the stuff experts know.

Sometimes we listen to someone promoted as an expert and think, “I knew that, what makes everyone think this guy is so smart?”

Then there's the brilliant people who teach, and the chatter overtakes the room, “That would have taken forever to figure out.” “That was awesome.” “Thanks for making it easy to follow and understand.” “When's the next event?”

That smart person bringing the Portland metro area up-to-speed in business social media is Director of Digital Media Frank Mungeam. He knows stuff, good stuff, stuff other people want to know. In fact, people pay to hear what Mungeam has to say in pursuit of degrees from Washington State University Vancouver, where Mungeam is an adjunct professor in the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program.

I had heard Mungeam speak before we ended up working for the same company. I came in to his session at Washington State University Vancouver pretty skeptical, and like many before me, I left a big fan.

At a recent event hosted by KGW Media Group and CenturyLink Business, Mungeam shared with a full house of Portland and Vancouver businesses, nonprofits and government entities how their organizations can create engaging social media content. It gets down to basic stuff, listen, test, gain insight, do what works, and at the heart of what works always seems to nestle: do good things for your customers.

Do I think that having a Twitter account is going to create sales for your business?

No more than me creating a business prospecting email. But, over time, as we have a conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn or SlideShare or Facebook and connect through email, you'll see what is genuine about how I approach what I do, what is consistent, and what is remarkable.

Eventually, you'll figure out I've gleaned good insights about online marketing by creating and optimizing effective campaigns and by asking good questions as a campaign progresses, ends and renews. These experiences have developed good instincts on advertising and PR.

You can take a long time to figure marketing and online advertising out, or you can have me help you.

Either way has a cost. One is cost effective.

You can also attend the next social media and digital marketing event at KGW Media Group. It comes with it's own price tag – your time. The benefit is that you get Frank Mungeam's time, as well.

Sign up below for alerts on upcoming KGW social media and marketing events:

* indicates required

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tomorrow the clever crafting begins

For everyone who has signed up for Crafting Engaging Social Media, here are a few reminders:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Frank Mungeam is a great presenter and he shares his summary, but not the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up.


WIN a Kindle!

Our partner CenturyLink Business. is sharing the love with a business card drawing for a Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, with Wi-Fi.I want YOU to WIN, so remember your business card.

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is our event hashtag. SoMe is short for Social Media and SOME really great info. Remember to connect with me, @TheClassicCarol so we can have fun during the event and tweet at each other after the event.



I'll share my notes if you share yours. When do you want to have coffee?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Frank Mungeam teaches on how not to be boring

Frank Mungeam, Director of Digital Media at KGW.
In December KGW Media Group launched a quarterly digital event for businesses to enable them to get a better understanding of social media and digital marketing.

KGW Digital Director Frank Mungeam leads the workshops. He honed his teaching technique in various roles including as professor of Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University (WSU), a role he's had since 2011.

He’s a former television producer with a degree in psychology from Harvard University, a Masters in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University who somehow morphed his career into the digital landscape.

Today, he is the resident digital guru at KGW NewsChannel 8 where he’s built a confident content development team and a highly successful social media strategy.

I met Mungeam when he first started teaching at WSU back in 2011 at one of his presentations for businesses. I came in with a chip on my shoulder because, of course, I think I know everything.

I was quietly wowed and became a Frank Mungeam fan on the spot. I wrangled a copy of his presentation – something he doesn’t do anymore, because, if you want the highly prized Mungeam insight on the lay of land in digital, you come and get it first hand and you take your own notes. Everything else is considered proprietary.

Today, I’m lucky enough to work for the same company as Mungeam. That detail, of course, makes me biased, yet smart enough to be in a place where I can keep honing my skills and continue to grow my knowledge of digital marketing. I'm not the only person that smart, even social media gurus like Jimmy Fallon drop in on Mungeam's presentations.

What about you? How do you cash in on the learning bonanza?

Send me an email.

Frank Mungeam is holding the next session on how to leverage the power of social media. He'll be teaching us how not to be boring.

There are ten spots open, so don't delay. The presentation is Wednesday, March 5, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. and all it takes is a quick email to and you’ll receive a link to the registration page.

If you come, bring a business card and enter to win a Kindle courtesy of CenturyLink Business the sponsor of the 2014 Digital Series.

Can't come? No problem.

Invite me out to coffee and I’ll share my notes. You’re buying.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter blast leads to neighborhood street meeting

One of our neighbors started up the phone tree on a freezing cold Saturday.

I received my call about 3:00 p.m. I took the news with serious intent to comply.

We met in the middle of the street. From there 18 people trekked to the pizza place.

I can't think of a better place to live than a house close enough to restaurants you can walk to and neighbors who want to walk there with you.

Washington. Where snow is cold. Where neighbors are warm. Where apples get wet.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost and found: our house needs one

Sheaffer fountain pen from the late 70s.
Lately, I've been thinking the house should have a lost and found.

I seem to have an endless mind-stream of items I used to have in my possession that I would like to use again, or at minimum know where they are located.

Recently, during a bedroom bust of my kid's room, I found my very first fountain pen, a Sheaffer "No Nonsense" Orange Cartridge Fountain Calligraphy Pen with a fine nib. It was snuggled in without about 200 other writing instruments. We seem to be pen fanatics.

I bought this fountain pen in the 70s because the professor of my college music theory class said we needed to present our assignments in ink.

It took quite a search to locate the model he steered us to, and when I complained bitterly about the cost (how much? have no clue, but it was more than a BIC), he retracted everything and said he was merely suggesting we purchase one.

I quite fancy it today and am glad to have it in my collection.

What's your favorite writing instrument?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It would take two Titantics to beat my stats on SlideShare

SlideShare announces I'm in the top 4% of viewed content on their site.

I had a huge year on SlideShare. So big, in fact, that yesterday SlideShare sent me an announcement,
“Congratulations, Carol!

Your content was among the top 4% of most viewed on SlideShare in 2013!
You received 8336 views in 2013.
It would take two Titanics to hold that many people!
Thanks for being an important part of our community!”
The beginning of my SlideShare career was an upload that served as an entry for the 2010 Pacific Northwest Social Media Awards. Carol's Save a Life Birthday Party made me a TOP FINALIST for a SoMe Award that year..

The experience got me so enthused about nurturing my inner PowerPoint that I spent a good deal of time researching books that would help me truly master the format. I chose carefully and found inspiration and direction digging through Slideology by Nancy Duarte who put Al Gore on the map, or rather his speaking tour on climate change.

Nancy Duarte and her husband Mark talk about their company Duarte Design.

And why are my SlideShare stats such a phenomenal feat?

Well, it's more for SlideShare than me personally—the more content that is viewed on SlideShare the more advertising they can sell. So, basically, this is a thank you for helping SlideShow create corporate revenue.

And all of this proves to me that even though my first SlideShare did not make me a winner in that year's social media contest, when those who take home the prizes are named Air New Zealand, Travelocity, and Intel my pro bono client the Southwest Washington Blood Program and I are winners when we bask in the afterglow of that big brand influence.

Indeed, it gives me further pleasure that the social media campaign that beat me out—an app that helps you find beer, has barely earned 10% of my submission’s pageivews over the ensuing years.

This proves that I can make anything sound cool, even donating blood, if it comes wrapped in a well developed PowerPoint.

Lastly, anything of value deserves to be nudged by advertising. Here's mine:

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to have a killer week

Mondays exude the feeling that anything can be accomplished. How do you tackle the week and make sure you do? Here's a few tips on how to organize your week and make the most out of the next seven days.

  1. Write everything down that you need to complete
  2. To help you focus, separate work items from personal jobs
  3. Prioritize so you're not working at the bottom level and fooling yourself that you're accomplishing something
How do you manage your to-do list?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gov. Christie's staff proves one thing: some never grow up

The traffic snarl created by Gov. Chris Christie loyalists proves one thing: some people never grow up.

It is quite possible the majority, maybe even the travelers stuck in the New Jersey jam, felt as mad as the aide who conceived the calamity, but not everyone pulls a wild prank in revenge. Those who do are stuck in their own hell hole of “us vs. them” mentality.

It should be okay for Americans to have differing opinions, in fact that is part of what makes Americans unique – the ability to freely speak about what we do and do not like. It’s not okay, though, to in secret create a clash of values and take it out on a widening circle of folks who have less to do with the source of the anger and more to do about just going to work.

But that widening circle of folks are the ones caught in the cross hairs, everyday. This is 21st Century America, where according to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, power and influence give senators three-day work weeks, and that little bit of business, according to CNN has made most senators millionaires. Who underwrites this gracious lifestyle? The folks stalled in traffic trying to get to work, while another segment of the American population languishes in the losing war against poverty.

The American ride is a bit bumpy, so let's toss in some American ingenuity and use it on the freeway hackers.

Lose their jobs? Ridiculous. Let them keep their jobs, any job. They need to be contributing members of society not on the unemployment dole. But how about a demotion? And take away their transportation options. If the freeway hackers have vehicles, lock them up and put boots on them. Ban the offenders from public transportation and let them walk to work breathing in the noxious fumes of those gunning to their jobs with better sense.

Or, perhaps, they should take their chances hitching a ride.

The world is full of Good Samaritans, and any number who would probably give them a lift. Then, maybe the vendetta seekers would grow up and benefit by rubbing shoulders with true Americans, people who solve problems and not create them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

In your dream job do people yell?

As the political season heats up this PowerPoint presentation uploaded to SlideShare reminded me of local government meetings I attended in 2013, especially this one.

View more on SlideShares from Carol Doane including:

How to sell online advertising... 3 years ago, 16,069 views
Interesting that this one receives the most views, since online advertising that we sell now vs. three years ago is dramatically different and almost inconceivably more complex.

Carol's save a life birthday party three years ago, 12,848 views
This was the first upload and earned a position as TOP FINALIST in the 2010 Social Media Awards of the Pacific Northwest. Although, no trophy came home, it gives great pleasure that the winner's entry continues to have far fewer page views.

It all happened after the tornado two years ago, 2,826 views 
This was a lighthearted take on an online resume. Mid-stream into developing this PowerPoint an interesting event happened which changed the course of a career and is detailed at the end.

Social Media for Writers, three years ago, 2,815 views
Social Media for Writers was presented to the Vancouver Writers Mixer. Today, it seems a bit outdated, which only proves how fluid social media is. Nothing stays the same like change.

Beginners Guide To Advertising, three years ago, 2,753 views
A Beginner's Guide to Print and Online Advertising was developed as training materials for The Columbian Newspaper sales staff.

Cheap is a chance. Don't drown, three years ago, 1,535 views
Cheap is a Chance shows that legacy media, while not offering as robust of an audience as in years past, remains a solid path to a sound marketing programs. Responsive marketing is seldom cheap, and nothing is really free.

Never seen before targeting, eight months ago, 616 views
Never Seen Before Targeting is a quick look at advanced targeting options and a proprietary program offered by KGW Media Group.

In your dream job do people yell, 8 months ago, 416 views
Inspired by government meetings in the wake of the Don Benton hiring by the Clark County Board of Commissioners. There is a place in government for everyone who desires to serve. You just need the right friends, not necessarily the right credentials.

Tips for your end of the year, 1 week ago, 286 views
Tips for Your End of Year Donations offers ideas on how to get the most of the waning minutes of the closing year, which in three words is: share, share, share.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Predictions for 2014, off the top and some over

Predictions for the new year cover a variety of topics including healthcare, landlines, rainfall, blogging and publishing.

  1. Consumers will continue to debate whether there should be ads on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., then sigh with relief that phone solicitors no longer call because they disconnected their landlines.
  2. Just when you think landlines have completely disappeared, the new version will include a 22nd century version of the home intercom with screens for Skype like communications room to room, or room to smartphone, that revert to security monitors that can be tapped anywhere the user has internet access such as the office or on vacation.
  3. During 2014, there will be a resurgence of blogging as self-published authors seek to develop an audience for their self-published books. Blog posts will be posted in all social media venues until the noise level reaches ringing in the ear level.
  4. Self-published authors will continue to rise while a sub-industry quickly develops to assist the reading audience vet the muck from the ready-for-print-fully-edited tomes.
  5. 2014 will continue to be the year that healthcare is debated. Audience fatigue will set in sometime mid-year, and by the time school is back in fall session the bulk of the audience will have tuned out, except for those desperate for care who won't understand why it doesn't matter to everyone else anymore.
  6. Christmas card sending will experience a resurgence, despite the reticence of 360 Convos to embrace the movement.
  7. Workers will investigate how to send drones to the office to do the work and collect their paychecks.
  8. Rainfall in the Northwest will reach record lows, as the global warming debate rages on.
  9. During the year 2014, no one will invent ear buds (inexpensive) that do not fall apart after six uses.
  10. No one will want to see a repeat performance of Miley Cyrus' 2013. 

What do you predict?