Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coping with a son's mental illness propels Pamela Deane's career

In any given year, an estimated 22.1% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. That means that one out of every five people you work with may be suffering with an illness that you cannot see, that you may experience as you interact with them, and an illness that may or may not be curable.

Pamela Deane, author of The Translation of Max.
Author Pamela Deane had that experience not at work, but in her home.

While raising two sons as a single mom, her eldest was diagnosed with schizophrenia mid-way through his high school journey.

Throughout the turmoil of discovering it wasn’t a teenager experimenting with drugs or alcohol, juggling an unpredictable home life which spilled out and created chaos throughout her day teaching high school English, Deane managed to survive. She managed to raise both sons to adulthood. She managed to maintain classroom order and keep her teaching job, but most importantly she secured resources for her firstborn to improve his quality of life.

While not autobiographical, Pamela Deane’s book, The Translation of Max, introduces us to Maggie whose experience mirrors Deane’s own.

The book will inspire you to celebrate Maggie and the steadfast way she pursues the quest to help her son, the heartache she feels as she understands the limbo her younger son vacillates in when Maggie's life is drained of energy, time and money, and the honest way she admits when she is too tired to do it all.

The Translation of Max is sprinkled with nuggets of humor which allows the reader to chuckle and take a breath before the onslaught of ordeals that escalate one after the other. It will keep you reading until the end.

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After retiring from teaching Pamela Deane launched her writing career. The Translation of Max is her second book and is recommended for anyone facing a family crisis. It is available on Amazon.