Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It would take two Titantics to beat my stats on SlideShare

SlideShare announces I'm in the top 4% of viewed content on their site.

I had a huge year on SlideShare. So big, in fact, that yesterday SlideShare sent me an announcement,
“Congratulations, Carol!

Your content was among the top 4% of most viewed on SlideShare in 2013!
You received 8336 views in 2013.
It would take two Titanics to hold that many people!
Thanks for being an important part of our community!”
The beginning of my SlideShare career was an upload that served as an entry for the 2010 Pacific Northwest Social Media Awards. Carol's Save a Life Birthday Party made me a TOP FINALIST for a SoMe Award that year..

The experience got me so enthused about nurturing my inner PowerPoint that I spent a good deal of time researching books that would help me truly master the format. I chose carefully and found inspiration and direction digging through Slideology by Nancy Duarte who put Al Gore on the map, or rather his speaking tour on climate change.

Nancy Duarte and her husband Mark talk about their company Duarte Design.

And why are my SlideShare stats such a phenomenal feat?

Well, it's more for SlideShare than me personally—the more content that is viewed on SlideShare the more advertising they can sell. So, basically, this is a thank you for helping SlideShow create corporate revenue.

And all of this proves to me that even though my first SlideShare did not make me a winner in that year's social media contest, when those who take home the prizes are named Air New Zealand, Travelocity, and Intel my pro bono client the Southwest Washington Blood Program and I are winners when we bask in the afterglow of that big brand influence.

Indeed, it gives me further pleasure that the social media campaign that beat me out—an app that helps you find beer, has barely earned 10% of my submission’s pageivews over the ensuing years.

This proves that I can make anything sound cool, even donating blood, if it comes wrapped in a well developed PowerPoint.

Lastly, anything of value deserves to be nudged by advertising. Here's mine:

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to have a killer week

Mondays exude the feeling that anything can be accomplished. How do you tackle the week and make sure you do? Here's a few tips on how to organize your week and make the most out of the next seven days.

  1. Write everything down that you need to complete
  2. To help you focus, separate work items from personal jobs
  3. Prioritize so you're not working at the bottom level and fooling yourself that you're accomplishing something
How do you manage your to-do list?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gov. Christie's staff proves one thing: some never grow up

The traffic snarl created by Gov. Chris Christie loyalists proves one thing: some people never grow up.

It is quite possible the majority, maybe even the travelers stuck in the New Jersey jam, felt as mad as the aide who conceived the calamity, but not everyone pulls a wild prank in revenge. Those who do are stuck in their own hell hole of “us vs. them” mentality.

It should be okay for Americans to have differing opinions, in fact that is part of what makes Americans unique – the ability to freely speak about what we do and do not like. It’s not okay, though, to in secret create a clash of values and take it out on a widening circle of folks who have less to do with the source of the anger and more to do about just going to work.

But that widening circle of folks are the ones caught in the cross hairs, everyday. This is 21st Century America, where according to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, power and influence give senators three-day work weeks, and that little bit of business, according to CNN has made most senators millionaires. Who underwrites this gracious lifestyle? The folks stalled in traffic trying to get to work, while another segment of the American population languishes in the losing war against poverty.

The American ride is a bit bumpy, so let's toss in some American ingenuity and use it on the freeway hackers.

Lose their jobs? Ridiculous. Let them keep their jobs, any job. They need to be contributing members of society not on the unemployment dole. But how about a demotion? And take away their transportation options. If the freeway hackers have vehicles, lock them up and put boots on them. Ban the offenders from public transportation and let them walk to work breathing in the noxious fumes of those gunning to their jobs with better sense.

Or, perhaps, they should take their chances hitching a ride.

The world is full of Good Samaritans, and any number who would probably give them a lift. Then, maybe the vendetta seekers would grow up and benefit by rubbing shoulders with true Americans, people who solve problems and not create them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

In your dream job do people yell?

As the political season heats up this PowerPoint presentation uploaded to SlideShare reminded me of local government meetings I attended in 2013, especially this one.

View more on SlideShares from Carol Doane including:

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Carol's save a life birthday party three years ago, 12,848 views
This was the first upload and earned a position as TOP FINALIST in the 2010 Social Media Awards of the Pacific Northwest. Although, no trophy came home, it gives great pleasure that the winner's entry continues to have far fewer page views.

It all happened after the tornado two years ago, 2,826 views 
This was a lighthearted take on an online resume. Mid-stream into developing this PowerPoint an interesting event happened which changed the course of a career and is detailed at the end.

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Social Media for Writers was presented to the Vancouver Writers Mixer. Today, it seems a bit outdated, which only proves how fluid social media is. Nothing stays the same like change.

Beginners Guide To Advertising, three years ago, 2,753 views
A Beginner's Guide to Print and Online Advertising was developed as training materials for The Columbian Newspaper sales staff.

Cheap is a chance. Don't drown, three years ago, 1,535 views
Cheap is a Chance shows that legacy media, while not offering as robust of an audience as in years past, remains a solid path to a sound marketing programs. Responsive marketing is seldom cheap, and nothing is really free.

Never seen before targeting, eight months ago, 616 views
Never Seen Before Targeting is a quick look at advanced targeting options and a proprietary program offered by KGW Media Group.

In your dream job do people yell, 8 months ago, 416 views
Inspired by government meetings in the wake of the Don Benton hiring by the Clark County Board of Commissioners. There is a place in government for everyone who desires to serve. You just need the right friends, not necessarily the right credentials.

Tips for your end of the year, 1 week ago, 286 views
Tips for Your End of Year Donations offers ideas on how to get the most of the waning minutes of the closing year, which in three words is: share, share, share.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Predictions for 2014, off the top and some over

Predictions for the new year cover a variety of topics including healthcare, landlines, rainfall, blogging and publishing.

  1. Consumers will continue to debate whether there should be ads on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., then sigh with relief that phone solicitors no longer call because they disconnected their landlines.
  2. Just when you think landlines have completely disappeared, the new version will include a 22nd century version of the home intercom with screens for Skype like communications room to room, or room to smartphone, that revert to security monitors that can be tapped anywhere the user has internet access such as the office or on vacation.
  3. During 2014, there will be a resurgence of blogging as self-published authors seek to develop an audience for their self-published books. Blog posts will be posted in all social media venues until the noise level reaches ringing in the ear level.
  4. Self-published authors will continue to rise while a sub-industry quickly develops to assist the reading audience vet the muck from the ready-for-print-fully-edited tomes.
  5. 2014 will continue to be the year that healthcare is debated. Audience fatigue will set in sometime mid-year, and by the time school is back in fall session the bulk of the audience will have tuned out, except for those desperate for care who won't understand why it doesn't matter to everyone else anymore.
  6. Christmas card sending will experience a resurgence, despite the reticence of 360 Convos to embrace the movement.
  7. Workers will investigate how to send drones to the office to do the work and collect their paychecks.
  8. Rainfall in the Northwest will reach record lows, as the global warming debate rages on.
  9. During the year 2014, no one will invent ear buds (inexpensive) that do not fall apart after six uses.
  10. No one will want to see a repeat performance of Miley Cyrus' 2013. 

What do you predict?