Monday, January 6, 2014

In your dream job do people yell?

As the political season heats up this PowerPoint presentation uploaded to SlideShare reminded me of local government meetings I attended in 2013, especially this one.

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Interesting that this one receives the most views, since online advertising that we sell now vs. three years ago is dramatically different and almost inconceivably more complex.

Carol's save a life birthday party three years ago, 12,848 views
This was the first upload and earned a position as TOP FINALIST in the 2010 Social Media Awards of the Pacific Northwest. Although, no trophy came home, it gives great pleasure that the winner's entry continues to have far fewer page views.

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This was a lighthearted take on an online resume. Mid-stream into developing this PowerPoint an interesting event happened which changed the course of a career and is detailed at the end.

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Social Media for Writers was presented to the Vancouver Writers Mixer. Today, it seems a bit outdated, which only proves how fluid social media is. Nothing stays the same like change.

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A Beginner's Guide to Print and Online Advertising was developed as training materials for The Columbian Newspaper sales staff.

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Cheap is a Chance shows that legacy media, while not offering as robust of an audience as in years past, remains a solid path to a sound marketing programs. Responsive marketing is seldom cheap, and nothing is really free.

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Never Seen Before Targeting is a quick look at advanced targeting options and a proprietary program offered by KGW Media Group.

In your dream job do people yell, 8 months ago, 416 views
Inspired by government meetings in the wake of the Don Benton hiring by the Clark County Board of Commissioners. There is a place in government for everyone who desires to serve. You just need the right friends, not necessarily the right credentials.

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Tips for Your End of Year Donations offers ideas on how to get the most of the waning minutes of the closing year, which in three words is: share, share, share.