Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It would take two Titantics to beat my stats on SlideShare

SlideShare announces I'm in the top 4% of viewed content on their site.

I had a huge year on SlideShare. So big, in fact, that yesterday SlideShare sent me an announcement,
“Congratulations, Carol!

Your content was among the top 4% of most viewed on SlideShare in 2013!
You received 8336 views in 2013.
It would take two Titanics to hold that many people!
Thanks for being an important part of our community!”
The beginning of my SlideShare career was an upload that served as an entry for the 2010 Pacific Northwest Social Media Awards. Carol's Save a Life Birthday Party made me a TOP FINALIST for a SoMe Award that year..

The experience got me so enthused about nurturing my inner PowerPoint that I spent a good deal of time researching books that would help me truly master the format. I chose carefully and found inspiration and direction digging through Slideology by Nancy Duarte who put Al Gore on the map, or rather his speaking tour on climate change.

Nancy Duarte and her husband Mark talk about their company Duarte Design.

And why are my SlideShare stats such a phenomenal feat?

Well, it's more for SlideShare than me personally—the more content that is viewed on SlideShare the more advertising they can sell. So, basically, this is a thank you for helping SlideShow create corporate revenue.

And all of this proves to me that even though my first SlideShare did not make me a winner in that year's social media contest, when those who take home the prizes are named Air New Zealand, Travelocity, and Intel my pro bono client the Southwest Washington Blood Program and I are winners when we bask in the afterglow of that big brand influence.

Indeed, it gives me further pleasure that the social media campaign that beat me out—an app that helps you find beer, has barely earned 10% of my submission’s pageivews over the ensuing years.

This proves that I can make anything sound cool, even donating blood, if it comes wrapped in a well developed PowerPoint.

Lastly, anything of value deserves to be nudged by advertising. Here's mine: