Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost and found: our house needs one

Sheaffer fountain pen from the late 70s.
Lately, I've been thinking the house should have a lost and found.

I seem to have an endless mind-stream of items I used to have in my possession that I would like to use again, or at minimum know where they are located.

Recently, during a bedroom bust of my kid's room, I found my very first fountain pen, a Sheaffer "No Nonsense" Orange Cartridge Fountain Calligraphy Pen with a fine nib. It was snuggled in without about 200 other writing instruments. We seem to be pen fanatics.

I bought this fountain pen in the 70s because the professor of my college music theory class said we needed to present our assignments in ink.

It took quite a search to locate the model he steered us to, and when I complained bitterly about the cost (how much? have no clue, but it was more than a BIC), he retracted everything and said he was merely suggesting we purchase one.

I quite fancy it today and am glad to have it in my collection.

What's your favorite writing instrument?