Thursday, March 20, 2014

What keeps Portland weird? A #happyday dance

Pharrell Williams an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician partnered with the United Nations (UN) Foundation on the International Day of Happiness. It's a feel good moment to encourage a happier, healthier world by donating to support the UN's humanitarian efforts.

The event launched last year, but is gathering momentum in year two with the addition of Williams' support.

As part of today's celebration, people were encouraged to take creative license and post a video to YouTube demonstrating their happiness against the background of Pharrell Williams' top-selling song “Happy.” Participating videos were registered and submitted to the website:

Once on the 24 Hours of Happiness site, visitors are encouraged to make a donation to the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). The Fund was established to help the UN and its partners provide fast and reliable humanitarian assistance that directly supports critical aid operations for people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts.

At noon, in time zones across the planet, will spotlight Pharrell Williams' top picks out of the massive list of submissions.

To promote the event and their own videos, producers, participants and friends are sharing their work across the web using the hashtag #HappyDay.

Expect to see #HappyDay a lot today, leading to videos spotlighting people acting happy, which means big smiles and jiggling all over the screen, i.e., goofy.

In our local area KGW Media Group produced this video showing news anchor Joe Donlon breakdancing as Tracy Barry cheers, Brenda Braxton showing us some very cool moves, Nick Allard photo bombing a very hip looking Russ LewisStephanie Stricklen leading the crew at the KGW Square, Laurel Porter dancing down the hall and Drew Carney showing her how it should be done in his typical little-boy-joy mode only to be challenged in the goofball department by Matt Zaffino and his gold tie. Cameos by lesser known folks in the advertising department are interspersed with people on the street demonstrating what keeps Portland Portland, i.e., weird. 

Me? I'm #kgwhappy today.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Smashing digital marketing events continue at KGW

Frank Mungeam addresses a Portland, Oreg. audience on developing engaging social media content.
The simplest, most basic information can be the most compelling. People want to know stuff. They want to know the stuff experts know.

Sometimes we listen to someone promoted as an expert and think, “I knew that, what makes everyone think this guy is so smart?”

Then there's the brilliant people who teach, and the chatter overtakes the room, “That would have taken forever to figure out.” “That was awesome.” “Thanks for making it easy to follow and understand.” “When's the next event?”

That smart person bringing the Portland metro area up-to-speed in business social media is Director of Digital Media Frank Mungeam. He knows stuff, good stuff, stuff other people want to know. In fact, people pay to hear what Mungeam has to say in pursuit of degrees from Washington State University Vancouver, where Mungeam is an adjunct professor in the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program.

I had heard Mungeam speak before we ended up working for the same company. I came in to his session at Washington State University Vancouver pretty skeptical, and like many before me, I left a big fan.

At a recent event hosted by KGW Media Group and CenturyLink Business, Mungeam shared with a full house of Portland and Vancouver businesses, nonprofits and government entities how their organizations can create engaging social media content. It gets down to basic stuff, listen, test, gain insight, do what works, and at the heart of what works always seems to nestle: do good things for your customers.

Do I think that having a Twitter account is going to create sales for your business?

No more than me creating a business prospecting email. But, over time, as we have a conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn or SlideShare or Facebook and connect through email, you'll see what is genuine about how I approach what I do, what is consistent, and what is remarkable.

Eventually, you'll figure out I've gleaned good insights about online marketing by creating and optimizing effective campaigns and by asking good questions as a campaign progresses, ends and renews. These experiences have developed good instincts on advertising and PR.

You can take a long time to figure marketing and online advertising out, or you can have me help you.

Either way has a cost. One is cost effective.

You can also attend the next social media and digital marketing event at KGW Media Group. It comes with it's own price tag – your time. The benefit is that you get Frank Mungeam's time, as well.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tomorrow the clever crafting begins

For everyone who has signed up for Crafting Engaging Social Media, here are a few reminders:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Frank Mungeam is a great presenter and he shares his summary, but not the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up.


WIN a Kindle!

Our partner CenturyLink Business. is sharing the love with a business card drawing for a Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, with Wi-Fi.I want YOU to WIN, so remember your business card.

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is our event hashtag. SoMe is short for Social Media and SOME really great info. Remember to connect with me, @TheClassicCarol so we can have fun during the event and tweet at each other after the event.



I'll share my notes if you share yours. When do you want to have coffee?