Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tomorrow the clever crafting begins

For everyone who has signed up for Crafting Engaging Social Media, here are a few reminders:


Plan on arriving early. Visitor parking in our lot is limited. If you miss out on a visitor spot, please do not park in spots marked reserved. These are provided to other tenants in our building. On-street parking is available along Jefferson, but we've got a full house, so if you're a teensy bit late you might have to hoof it a bit.

Remember pen and paper

Summaries but not the full deck. Frank Mungeam is a great presenter and he shares his summary, but not the whole enchilada. That means you'll want to take notes. If you arrive empty handed find me quick and I'll fix you up.


WIN a Kindle!

Our partner CenturyLink Business. is sharing the love with a business card drawing for a Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, with Wi-Fi.I want YOU to WIN, so remember your business card.

Do you Twitter?

#KGWSoMe is our event hashtag. SoMe is short for Social Media and SOME really great info. Remember to connect with me, @TheClassicCarol so we can have fun during the event and tweet at each other after the event.



I'll share my notes if you share yours. When do you want to have coffee?