Friday, January 10, 2014

Gov. Christie's staff proves one thing: some never grow up

The traffic snarl created by Gov. Chris Christie loyalists proves one thing: some people never grow up.

It is quite possible the majority, maybe even the travelers stuck in the New Jersey jam, felt as mad as the aide who conceived the calamity, but not everyone pulls a wild prank in revenge. Those who do are stuck in their own hell hole of “us vs. them” mentality.

It should be okay for Americans to have differing opinions, in fact that is part of what makes Americans unique – the ability to freely speak about what we do and do not like. It’s not okay, though, to in secret create a clash of values and take it out on a widening circle of folks who have less to do with the source of the anger and more to do about just going to work.

But that widening circle of folks are the ones caught in the cross hairs, everyday. This is 21st Century America, where according to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, power and influence give senators three-day work weeks, and that little bit of business, according to CNN has made most senators millionaires. Who underwrites this gracious lifestyle? The folks stalled in traffic trying to get to work, while another segment of the American population languishes in the losing war against poverty.

The American ride is a bit bumpy, so let's toss in some American ingenuity and use it on the freeway hackers.

Lose their jobs? Ridiculous. Let them keep their jobs, any job. They need to be contributing members of society not on the unemployment dole. But how about a demotion? And take away their transportation options. If the freeway hackers have vehicles, lock them up and put boots on them. Ban the offenders from public transportation and let them walk to work breathing in the noxious fumes of those gunning to their jobs with better sense.

Or, perhaps, they should take their chances hitching a ride.

The world is full of Good Samaritans, and any number who would probably give them a lift. Then, maybe the vendetta seekers would grow up and benefit by rubbing shoulders with true Americans, people who solve problems and not create them.