Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to write a resignation letter

This time last year, I was mentally preparing to walk into my boss' office and give notice.

I'd spent a good deal of time crafting what I felt was a straightforward resignation letter. What took so much time was working through all the verbiage that, momentarily, would make me feel triumphant, but would be less than professional and not reflective of my career.

I'd invested a lot in the company – probably over invested myself – so I wanted a sense of dignity to hallmark my exit.

Here's what I said:

It is with utmost appreciation that I celebrate the talent gathered here and am so grateful for the resources that have been invested in me for both professional and personal development.

I am resigning my position as Advertising Saies Manager and look forward to gathering what you need from me in the final days of my tenure ending January 14, 2011.


Carol Doane

Here's what I felt:



It's been an educational year. Not what I'd expected.