About Carol Doane

Hot pursuit of a career in advertising landed Carol Doane a job in one of the largest newspapers in Southwest Washington. After numerous years of hacking out ad copy, selling print and online ads, and making friends with everyone in her path, she can now claim connections in the highest echelons of covert government (former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency) Hollywood (VP at MGM) and the janitorial staff (she works late).

She led a sales team of high powered media reps at the newspaper, moved to a start-up which can be summarized in one word: chaos, or should we say, CHAOS. Looking for renewal she went back to her roots and emerged in the digital world of online advertising. Amazing stuff.

Not content to leave her future in the hands of what some say is a perishing industry—legacy media—she decided to take advantage of everything she's learned (seriously) and throw her hat into the 'safety' of the book publishing arena.

She's finished her first second women's upscale, multicultural (Asian) fiction manuscript, and pitched herself like a Kamikaze pilot into an historical fiction novel. The history of the Pacific Northwest offers abundant ground for a story about a young Native American woman and other budding + Currently, she's trying to get the first chapter "right" so her manuscript will be, well, read past the first chapter.

She spent a college summer on the road in a performance group (yay, song and dance!) which steered her away from a career in the music industry. Living on the road is neither fun nor fashionable, more like dusty and exhausting with only a hotel room to call home.

Her art is on public display in a permanent installation in Vancouver, Washington (see photo). It is a portrait of her daughter.

A cum laude graduate of a private college in Oregon, Carol Doane has been around the world, living in Europe, and traveling in Asia and throughout North America, which has nothing to do with her current manuscript or her job in advertising.

You'll find Carol Doane on Twitter as The Classic Carol, on LinkedIn, with her own page on Facebook, on Google phone: 503.893.4609 and in several other places. Let us know if you find one.

Oh, and she swears by Mary Kay.

Last updated December 25,2013