Friday, September 16, 2011

Fav quotes and Melanie Sherman's brain cells

A good blogger will make you think.

A great blogger will make you laugh.

Melanie Sherman delivers every time. Her post this week took us straight into the brain.

"It is said we only use 10% of our brain. I like to think of that 10% as a thriving metropolis, like New York City (and I'm the mayor). But as in NYC, there are brain cell murders going on, and drive-by shootings by the "Stress Gang." So if I started getting low on virtual memory, why wouldn't I get on and order some new cells from the suburbs of my brain (the 90%) that aren't being used, to be delivered into my memory center in the heart of my city? I mean, really, what are those brain cells in my suburbs doing, anyway?
So I did a little research and found out the brain cells I'm not currently using are all part of a National Park System in my brain, and they cannot be used for any other purpose. My brain is made up of 10% city, and 90% National Park." From Meanderings of Melanie.
Let's get out into the park service and collect our brains, and here's my favorite quotes of the week!

Sep 9
Twitter “I thought I was an only child, but it seems I have a sister.” Bill Cameron, objecting.

Sep 10
Facebook OH (overheard) by Ken Bilderback: “We didn’t make whiskey, and they didn’t milk cows.” 
Sep 11
(Drawn. Not spoken). Original artwork from David Speranza, deaf cartoonist living in Vancouver. His work debuted here.
Sep 12
Stories Matter“Write a book about idealism clashing with reality and the need for both to be present in our lives.” Chris Martin. [Amen]
Sep 13
Twitter“OH by @TheClassicCarol: Nixon was the original Palin.”
Wed, Sep 14 Bike Portland “Nobody cares more about price than a newbie.” Michael Andersen, a guy who goes almost everywhere by carrying his bicycle on TriMet.
Thur, Sep 15 Blog “...a hormone called cortisol, which kills brain cells in the hippocampus (I think that was the campus where I lived during my college years--).” Melanie Sherman, covering the brain on her blog.