Friday, September 9, 2011

Fav quotes beginning with chicken, ending with bacon

Go ahead. Speak your mind. Do it online. Don't chicken out.

Someone is listening.

Here's my favorite quotes of the week!

Sep 2
Twitter I walk out into my yard and make clucking noises. They quiet right down.” Bill Cameron, NW author and Chicken Whisperer.
Sep 3
Twitter “Confirmed, submitted, #vaguetweet.” Cheryl Bledsoe, Emergency Manager and vague tweeter.
Sep 4
Twitter “I have only worn flip-flops for the past two weeks. My feet aren't happy about putting shoes on for church this morning!” Chris Hyde, pastor and anti-shoe activist.
Sep 5
Twitter“Just took my 1115th mugshot!” Dale Chumbley, Realtor® and self-photographer.
Sep 6
Twitter“I'm still here. That is all.” M. Rae Anderson, Author and bliss follower.
Wed, Sep 7 Twitter “Sometimes I wonder if my office neighbors are only paid to throw things against our shared wall.” Michael Perozzo, before installing earplugs.
Thur, Sep 8 Twitter “A few brave poets are sampling our hot bacon latte special.” Cover to Cover Books, bookstore and purveyor of bacon.

Where's the most interesting place you've seen bacon?

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