Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chalk the walk and chalk it up to more good Umpqua Bank ideas

"What do you suppose the world would look like..." Chalk Art, by Kailynn.
Umpqua Bank has hit pay dirt or 'pay-sidewalk.' They recently announced an August 23 event called Chalk the Walks. It's meant to inspire the community to get out and express their artistic side, have a good time and associate the fun with the Umpqua brand. To facilitate the explosions in pastel, Umpqua is offering free chalk in the Vancouver, WASH. branches between now and August 22 to make this happen.

This isn't the first time Umpqua has sprung outside the vault in their thinking.

Under the company's SpotLight program, Umpqua promotes local merchants by displaying and selling their products right inside the bank. To qualify a business owner lives or works in the neighborhood, has a product within a qualifying price range that displays well. The last criteria is that the business needs to to apply.

Once approved the bank sets up and sells the actual product. After approximately three months, they take down the display and send the business a check for the merchandise sold.

Other Umpqua amenities include a bi-weekly Breakfast Club, a coalition of small business people who learn from each other's area of expertise, and events called Small Business Therapy.

From there the bank morphs the concept of employee benefits to the next level and offers employee 'perks,' for YOUR employees.

But the best part is their support of the arts. Local arts. Art of people who may not even have talent.

Stefani DasGupta, Universal Associate IV at Umpqua Bank Esther Short Park branch, is encouraging customers and neighbors to drop in and pick up free chalk to create inspiring, sidewalk graffiti.

"We loan umbrellas when it rains, so chalk while the sun is shining seems like a perfect match for the August weather."

For focus on small business and community, Umpqua Bank has been chosen as 360 Biz of the Month.

Umpqua Bank 360 Biz of the Month

Time to celebrate. Head to the bank and chalk up some good ideas!

Chalk the Walks is a project of The Joy Team, a nonprofit corporation based in Vancouver, WASH. with the slogan, spreading joy to millions.
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