Friday, August 12, 2011

Fav quotes of the week and one big gorilla

Gorilla and baby in the wild. Photo by Kristen.
From the blog, The Next Chapters, Kristen takes us on a trip to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forestus in search of gorillas. Kristen is an intern with the VOLSET Foundation in Mukono District of Uganda.
"We literally had a life or death decision to make. Do I skip the trip (the non-refundable, un-repeatable, un-re-schedulable trip) and go to the doctor in case I was experiencing the beginning of some crazy African disease? OR: Do I ignore . . . [Read more ...]
Here's the favorite quotes of the week!

Aug 5
Twitter "Did I really just order a stack of man cakes?" Chris Martin
Aug 6
Twitter "I'd say it's a gateway drug to the colon." Mary Rarick, in response to overhearing, 'the semicolon is a gateway drug to the period.'
Aug 7
Twitter "RIP Mark O. Hatfield, a great governor for Oregon & statesman." Cheryl Bledsoe
Mon, Aug 8 Twitter"OMG! I'm wearing a sweater (in Aug)." Noland Hoshino
Aug 9
Twitter"I am so not turning the heat on tonight!" M. Edward Borasky
Wed, Aug 10 Twitter "It's how I keep you away from boys. I date their dads. #quote #mom cc/ @TheClassicCarol" @schoolbound, kid sidekick to a super hero mom busy living where Apples Get Wet.
Thur, Aug 11 Twitter "I did not plan on the general public learning about my Spongebob Squarepant undies." Bill Cameron, a guy who eats bacon and writes.

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