Friday, August 5, 2011

Fav quotes of the week and big bugs

From the blog, The Next Chapters, Kristen gives us a reality check and shares her experience interning with VOLSET Foundation in the Mukono District of Uganda.
"Yes-I recognize the insects are enormous. Yes-I am aware that traveling in this part of the world isn't exactly easy for young women from America. Yes-I have thought about the fact that I have never lived without running water. And Yes-Giving up my toilet, Facebook access, and ice-cream are going to be hard.

HOWEVER: No-I'm not crazy. [Read more ...]
Here's some other quotes discovered last week.

In the last seven days, what's the best thing you heard?

July 29
Twitter "The Senate needs some viagra because they are sounding incredibly impotent." Chris Martin while watching CSPAN.
July 30
Facebook "We thrive off of negativity because it's easier to feel and takes far less effort." Tyler Presnell, safe driving advocate.
July 31
Twitter "You are very skeery." Author Bill Cameron, tweeting to his literary agent, Janet Reid.
Mon, Aug 1 Twitter"Sometimes I wonder if other parents think I'm the child they never had... I'm being well behaved." @schoolbound, tweeting while eating dinner with a friend's family.
Aug 2
Twitter"Trite quotes won't fix our Econ. Nor will rigid ideology." Carla Axtman, Rabblerouser extraordinaire, and editor for Blue Oregon.
Wed, Aug 3 Twitter"Dear person reading this, You're here because you're actively procrastinating or avoiding real work, aren't you? It's OK. Me, too."
Michael Perozzo, stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-lookin' nerf herder.
Thur, Aug 4 Mission Hot Mama"Sometimes you need to just take an unexpected turn off the path you are on." Jenni Hogan, KIRO7 Eyewitness News traffic anchor, inspiring other mamas to unleash their inner hotness.

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