Friday, August 26, 2011

Fav quotes from my daughter
(who's embarrassing who?)

Me, a volunteer at school with duct tape to promote convos.
Since I started the Friday Fav Quotes series, I've enjoyed plucking the best from my Twitter, Facebook, and news streams to share with you. Today, I make a small departure from that format.

I'd like to celebrate the clever and delightful young woman who prances around my home masquerading as a teen, when in reality she is a wise and soulful friend.

She has three current missions:
1. Make sure I don't wear clothes to work that look like carpet
2. Feed granola bars to beggars stationed at busy intersections
    [Read Adventure Hour . . . ]
3. Say things I don't want to forget, so I write them down

She is practically impossible to embarrass and I try wholeheartedly.

Let me know if this works . . .

Aug 12
“You know, I'm a pack-rat, but I don't collect things, I collect people.” After combing through list of Facebook friends and downsizing from 600 to 300.
Aug 13
Friend: “Have you heard 60 is the new 40?”
My Daughter: “My mom is old, too.”
Aug 14
“Apparently, there is a limited number of times you can change your name on Facebook.”
Aug 15
Grandpa: “Ignoring the phone does not stop it from ringing.”
Daughter texts me: “I don't think he knows how to ignore calls.”
Aug 17
Me: “I was born to be chauffeured.”
Daughter: “You were born to walk.”
Aug 17
Me happily checking in on Foursquare
Daughter: “People know your location now. They could kill you.”
Me coming home late from the office
Daughter: “Maybe you'll divorce work!

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