Saturday, July 16, 2011

Build a world in 7 days? 'Social Statistics' does it overnight

According to a recent e-newsletter from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, a new website to track Google+ statistics was built on a Sunday and launched on a Monday. At the end of the week, the site, Social, boasted 300,000 unique visitors which produced 1,000,000 pageviews.

Success was measured in the fact that the servers didn't go down.

Kind of beats God's stats. It took him a week to build his world and he only had two unique visitors at the end of his seven days.

If nothing else, that should illustrate how fast our current world is moving.

I sat in on a recent planning session where a dedicated, enthusiastic co-worker pitched the idea of bringing in 50-100 community members to assist in researching a new release. My neck snapped back. That would work if we were NBC and launching a program that might require an investment of a cool million. But we're talking about a small start-up partnering with local talent willing to trade resources to create relevant, useful content. Our partner brings in the expertise and resources. We deliver it packaged in high-concept videos.

Win for us. Win for the talent. Win for the community.

Why wouldn't it work?

The people who sat around that table were as smart as any 50-100 random folks plucked from the street.

Aren't you?

For a company our size, the idea of making a big investment in research only makes sense in a pre-internet world. But we live in the world where you can talk about it, fine-tune your idea, dig in and produce something cool, throw it up and let the audience vote with their pageviews and social media broadcasts.

If the idea bombs, don't throw more resources at it. Learn a lesson. Throw something else up.

If it really bombs. Reformat. Change your 'wavy-buzzy' name. Try again.

Isn't that what we learned from Google?