Monday, July 11, 2011

The genius of Google +1

There is something genius about the +1 concept. The first time I saw '+1' was infront of the letters 'RT' on Twitter. It took me a moment to understand it meant 'I agree.' At that juncture in time, I surmised it was the lazy man's way to comment, and assumed the man responding thusly must be pressed for time, and likely all thumbs on a smartphone with a teeny screenpad.

I, of course, took more care with my RT's, laboring over witty responses to attach myself to good content and make us both memorable.

But why not respond like lightning and electrify good ideas?

Why not, indeed, and Google now offers us that opportunity in a full and official way by using the +1 button. By clicking +1, we concur. We vote. We promote content to higher planes.

When we click the +1, we also thrust ourselves into those higher planes, exposing more of ourselves, and not just to our Twitter followers, but in a real dynamic way that can be tracked and followed (by Google), and we share with even more people who we are.

Do you want to more about me? Maybe not, but Google does. And the more Google knows about me, the better opportunity Google will have to correctly identify my psychographic profile. As a marketer, I am keenly aware that serving up relevant advertising that consumers will respond to in a meaningful way (read: spend money), has great value.

Yes, Google is profiling me and using my interaction with you to know you, and to market to both of us.

Is this a good thing?

It's a genius thing.

If you own a search engine and you create the *bling* that makes the engine more interactive, and from there the engine tugs users through a more meaningful maze of the Internet, the '+1 Drazzle' (razzle-dazzle yet to be defined as positive or negative) is genius.

I like smart people.

I like Google.

The only thing that would make Google better for me would be if they were located in Washington State, because I am pro everything good for the local economy. Those things will get my +1's.

Oh, hey. Google is in Washington State! And they are advertising for administrative, general, technical, and sales people.

Now, that's going to be my first +1.

What's the first thing you +1'ed?

Watch YouTube videos on working at Google Seattle.