Friday, July 8, 2011

More people spoke positively about kittens this week

Find out who the top kitten influencers via this SlideShare presentation on social media monitoring from Eric Portelance.

The presentation walks us through measuring 'engaged users' of a brand (engaged user=customer), and helps us identify if there is value in distinguishing between the volume of customer engagement vs. the consistency of engagement. For instance, is it better to listen to someone who tweets a lot about your brand for a concise period of time, or better to pay attention to someone who tweets moderately over a longer period of time?

The slicing of the information for the pilot study of Nikon encourages us to consider our own ardent fans, and to understand what they all have in common, i.e., are they iPhone or Blackberry users? Do they drink coffee or tea, and what are their preferred beverage brands, for instance are they Starbucks customers or more likely to plant themselves at the locally owned alternative?

Dig in. Learn what's more important, influencing or building relationships. BUT first, before you view the presentation, vote for one -- influencer or relationship builder.
Social Media Monitoring - Finding Relationships
So, tell me, what do you know about your best fans?