Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Week's Favorite Quotes

People say the darnedest things online. But apparently, no one said anything of merit on Tuesday.

Help me find something! Thanks :-)

Date    Source    Quote   
July 1, 2011 Twitter "If you want to achieve things in life, you've just got to do them!" Sally Sharp
July 2, 2011 ??
July 3, 2011 Blog"Fail at creating a culture of excellence and customer focus, and nothing else a leader does will compensate for that failure."
Augie Ray
July 4 2011 Blog "It is a mistake to believe that your offerings always provide an advantage against smaller competitors." Anthony Iannarino
July 5, 2011 Blog "If business is moving at light speed, and your prospect/client is busier and more distracted than ever, making cameo appearances won’t get you noticed dude!" Paul Castain
July 6, 2011 Blog"Rejection. It’s as much a part of my writing life as carpal tunnel syndrome, brain cramps, and a butt that looks best in a bathrobe." Carolyn J. Rose
July 7, 2011 Gmail "Compared to a year ago, websites have seen reduced pages / visit, average time on site, as well as bounce rate." Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter
July 8, 2011 Twitter "I'm going to bring the male curtsy in to vogue. Who's with me?" Matt Kinshella 
July 9, 2011 Twitter What? You can't make money online? :(
Melanie Sherman