Friday, July 29, 2011

Fav quotes of the week: hope and wonder

Here's some fun from the last week. 
In the last seven days, what's the best thing you heard?

Found Source    Quote   
July 22
Twitter "Forty is in my rear-view window, honey. It only gets better." Mary Rarick
July 23
Blog "QR codes can deliver e-coupons right in the store."  Maryanne Conlin
July 24
Blog "If I'm already here, why are you discounting your product?" Carol Doane, in response to in-store QR codes
Mon, July 25 Blog"Good research does involve imagination" Ted, from bookeywookey
July 26
NPR"Everyone can change — everyone." Patrick Lundvick, former drug hustler, ex-inmate, and new job-seeker
Wed, July 27 Twitter"I'm full of it...heading to Home Depot to buy 2 new toilets. Who's with me?" Noland Hoshino, on remodeling
Thur, July 28 Twitter"Last night, I dreamed I made a death metal band angry, and I spent the whole night trying to fix the relationship." Bill Cameron