Friday, July 22, 2011

"Forgot passWARD?" and other quotes of the week

Here's some fun we encountered this week. 
In the last seven days, what's the best thing you heard?

Found Source    Quote   
July 15
Twitter "It was a great day, my son was born, William Joseph Bunch." [picsJeff Bunch
July 16
Blog "Is experience really the best teacher? ...experience more heavily anchors (us)...into past modes of operating." David Burkis
July 17
Website "Focus on what is truly important or else we'll lose sight of what matters." In reference to Groupon earning a billion and losing half of it; Augie Ray
Mon, July 18 Twitter"I just learned that I was the 212,517th user to join @foursquare. I'm no @dens, but I think that makes me an early-adopter, right?" Michael Perozzo
July 19
Blue Oregon"Pay what has to be paid first." Article on Elizabeth Warren by T.A. Barnhart
Wed, July 20 Riding in the car"It's amazing that 5,000 of you fit in this one person." Referring to her mother  Kailynn Doane
Thur, July 21 INMA Website"Forgot PassWARD?" INMA Website