Monday, May 9, 2011

Lessons learned

At the office, we talk a lot about lessons learned as we endeavor to build a new company from the ground up. There is no mold we can throw the bronze of our efforts into and reap the benefit of a perfect replica of the reality we are trying to shape.

My desk on the first day: mom cup, Engedi Cafe coffee card, blue feather pen,  glasses and  picture created especially for me by my daughter
The team varies in age and varies in area of expertise. Mostly, up until now, the individuals had functioned independently. The nuances of learning to dovetail our efforts, is a challenge. Nothing is quick. Nothing is quite as planned. Nothing is quite as easy as first imagined.

Each day is fraught with disappointments for at least one member.

The ability to set self aside, the ability to work at communicating, to offer insight into what is second nature to one and completely foreign to another will define our success.

I am hopeful and excited and challenged.

So, how was your day?