Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet the character behind @TheClassicCarol

The 140 Character Conference Northwest is today! The focus of this conference is a large-scale community conversation about how social media is affecting our communities, our governments and our personal engagement. 65 speakers will present LIVE from Vancouver, Washington, including me @TheClassicCarol!

It is the first time that a 140 Character Conference has come to the Pacific Northwest. It's also the first #140 Conference that will have so many presentations from those who work in government. Me? I'm from the media. Here's a link to an interview I did for featuring @Mary_Rarick, Al Partridge @uselink126 and @MichaelPerozzo


You can follow the chatter on Twitter by searching for the hashtag: #140ConfNW, or join us live at the Vancouver Conference Center inside the Hilton. Ticketing is closed, organizer Cheryl Bledsoe told us last night, BUT she saved space for walk-ins.

If you're more comfortable behind your computer you can watch it live: