Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dale Chumbley's 365 Days

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A year is a long time when you’re a kid waiting for Christmas, but when you're an adult, 365 days can evaporate into the mist of a massive to-do list.

Not one day, however, has disappeared in the past 365 without a blog post from local realtor Dale Chumbley on his website, The Clark County Real Estate Guide.

In February 17, 2010, Chumbley strolled down Vancouver’s Renaissance Trail and introduced us to his project: 365 Things to do in Vancouver WA

Dale Chumbley discloses what comes next.

His post defined his intentions, “Today begins a new little project I’m going to attempt. I’ll be posting one new thing to do each day for the next year in Vancouver, WA.” He said a lot of people were waiting for him to fail, which turned into a personal mission to succeed.

He embarked on the project with the same passion and great enthusiasm we see in all Chumbley adventures. His hope that the project would be, “A great community resource from the perspective of a lifelong resident who loves his hometown,” proved true. The byproduct, that it also serve as a, “great resource for those looking to relocate to Vancouver,” is evidenced by the real estate transactions that came his way due to his new found celebrity and the opportunity to travel and speak about his venture across the United States.

Yesterday, he finished the project: Today Is… Day 365 of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. Many are trying to figure out how to emulate his success, and just as many are trying to figure out what Dale Chumbley is going to do for an encore.

Last week in my interview with Dale Chumbley, I asked him that question.

Watch the video above to hear the answer, in Dale’s own words.

This post first appeared on USD Media's Facebook Page. To read more about Dale Chumbley's adventures see: Celebrities who've met ME! Hello, Dale Chumbley.

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