Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I should have learned in management school

My current reading includes how leading organizations use social media to engage employees. That was not the topic when I studied management. We were focused on Kaizen, the Japanese strategy of continuious improvement, on human resources law, on the costs to train new employees versus investing in current staff. After we slogged through the technical stuff, including creating work flow charts, we were told to relax and be real--interject humor into the workplace. Hence my foray into publication, a chapter in Laughing Nine to Five: The Quest for Humor in the Workplace.

What we should have studied? Strategies to ferry companies through the information deluge, tactics to survive reorganization, i.e., Chapter 11, or skills to retain Gen Y's attention so they can get some work done before they leave to go home and call in sick tomorrow to go skiing.

We should have been taught Plan B, what to do when sound marketing practices are shattered by everyone scampering into social media. We should have been raised to scrooge every penny for a rainy day. Today. The day of the new economy.

Or, not.

If we knew the future we wouldn't like it. If I was building a house from scratch I wouldn't enjoy it as much as remodeling. How creative can I get with this space?

That remains to be seen, by you.

Welcome to my blog, 360 Convos.

Let's see who changes who first.