Sunday, October 2, 2011

Analytics reveals one pageview makes a difference

Sundays, we take a backwards glance at 360 Convos and review a week of posts, to see how they did within two-weeks of being released.*

In this instance, we examine the week of August 28.

The Sunday post got a little more play than the others. It disclosed the difference one pageview can make.

In fact, Sunday had more than double the audience response than the second place 'winner,' the Tuesday's post on the Tension between work and friends.

Third place was a almost a tie between sex and newspapers. The truth about seniors, teens and the sexes online was picked up by The Customer Collective, where it received a few additional reads. The post that featured a newspaper that served lunch, thus resolving the dilemma of how to reinvent journalism, wrapped up fourth place.

Curiously, about the time the editorial board believed that the 360 Convos audience was beginning to wane, the board realized that Friday of that week slid into a holiday, thus upsetting all convo applecarts.

Next week, how did 360 Convos fare after Labor Day weekend?

(chronological order)
Sunday Analytics show the number one post won by one pageview
Monday The truth about seniors, teens and the sexes online
Tuesday The tension between friends, lunch and work
Wednesday Surprise me, reinvent the J.C. Penney brand
Thursday Vanity comes in classy QR codes
Friday Fav quotes and a newspaper that serves lunch
Saturday Eat. Hydrate. Think.

*Source: Google Analytics.