Monday, April 5, 2010

Four pint success!

Another really cool Carol stops in to party at the blood donation center

The First Annual Carol Save a Life Birthday Party was a four pint success! Me, @OntieC another Carol I met on Twitter (pictured above), Julie a job candidate who showed up early for her interview, and my sister all donated blood to SW Washington Blood Center in honor of my birthday.

My heart beat a steady 72, blood pressure a tad escalated, but birthdays make you nervous, don't they?

The venue is prepared to be relaxing, oversize cushy recliners with your own TV, full service snack bar and a full array of beverages. The chat fest got rolling and we were having such a good time we almost forgot to get the blood flowing.

I like to do everything fast and cut the usual ten minutes donation time down to seven minutes, so it hardly gave me any time at all to catch up on Perry Mason, but really, how much could have changed from last season to this one?

Once they unhooked all the paraphernalia I spent the afternoon greeting guests, drinking coffee and eating chocolate-chocolate cake. Two pieces.

In between we fired up the internet, took a look at my blogs, peeked in at Twitter, and @OntieC and I gave the phlebotomists a quick lesson in social media.

This was a first class operation. They had the center decked out in birthday decorations, bought me a cake, sent me a video thank-you from Seattle as the event kicked off and retweeted the pictures I was sharing on Twitter to bring the community into our unique, birthday event. 

I'm waiting to see if Julie got the job and probably just as cool is that our PR efforts inspired another donor to volunteer to celebrate her June birthday the same way. That's a present I didn't expect.

Hope I get invited. You can donate every 56 days.

Interesting to note, the center takes drop-ins, so if you couldn't make it for my party and happen to be in the neighborhood. Don that superwomanish cape, stop in and save a life.

SW Washington Blood Program
9320 NE Vancouver Mall Blvd
Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98662
 Schmap to the Blood Center 

Prefer an appointment? Call 360-567-4800.

Your turn! What fun thing are you planning for your upcoming birthday?