Monday, December 28, 2009

Cut and Paste. It's kindergarten all over again

Since inception of my Twitter account, @TheClassicCarol, I have had a blog. It's a department manual and a catch all for discussions and meetings. It was self-defense. No one remembers everything I say. It serves to prove the point, "Yes, I did share that...more than once."

The blog is on lock down due to information only helpful to the sales staff, and honestly, no one cares about the pictures from our budget making breakfast, a study of contract terms, our criteria to order a polybag, the law behind alcohol promotion, how to pull canned reports, schedule a dynamic ad, or who's responsible to fill out the position book.

Now, that I'm blogging in public I'd like to be consistent with filling the space. But who has time for THAT? So, anyone besides Larry Chiang believe in cut and paste? And would you like to cut and paste your content and be a guest contributor at 360 Convos?

Apply below. In the comment section, leave a link to a favorite post you've written and we'll talk. I'll be the one with the scissors...approaching gently. You bring the paste. Don't spill.

pssst, it's helpful if the post has something to do with a conversation